Are you renewing?  For your convenience, a PERSONALIZED RENEWAL mailing went out on November 15.  If you're renewing, please show a little mercy to our database Girl Friday by using your PERSONALIZED FORM rather than using the blank one. The personalized form includes your directory listing. All you have to do is check if it's ok to print or note changes/corrections. It makes for quicker database updates -- and a happier Girl Friday!  Thanks!

There are four levels of membership:

~ Full Membership - $60 

           For those who hold a valid New Orleans Tour Guide permit.

~ Full Membership with optional liability insurance - $160.00 


~ Associate Membership - $40

           For individuals who do not hold a valid tour guide permit who are interested in or associated with tourism.  Associate Members enjoy most benefits of membership but do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to hold elected or appointed officer positions.

~ Corporate Membership - $100  

           For any organization presently in the tourism and hospitality industry. Corporate members have two memberships in TGAGNOI.

~ Send Check or Money Order to address on form.  For Credit/Debit card, click here.

Registration Fee

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Click below, print the form, fill it out, send it along with a copy of your Tour Guide License to the address on the form or scan them and email to

Check or Money Order made out to TGAGNOI and enclose with application.

Full and Associate Members, 2023

Corporate Membership, 2023

To pay with a check/money order, send to P.O. Box on the form.  

For Credit/Debit Card, use the ADD TO CART button, above.

Questions about the insurance?  Here are your answers:


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If you're a TGAGNOI groupie but not a member, thanks for your support; we love our roadies!  But we want to take this opportunity to encourage you to become an active member.  Our seminar, our trip, our Christmas party are open to the general public and non-members are welcome to attend two (2) meetings, after which membership is required.  Please consider a membership; you do not have to be a licensed Tour Guide - TGAGNOI offers Associate Memberships, so if you know anyone who would like to join up, please pass it along!

* Tour Guide License not needed for Associate Members