Your Organization needs your involvement and we need your participation! Here are a few ways:


SOCIAL MEDIA – If Social Media is a forte for you, please help us keep them current.  You’ll find links to all three platforms on our website.  Have a look and let us know how you can help.

BOARD SUPPORT: Each Board member has responsibilities that need the support of the membership.  In your  Welcome packet is a Member Directory – please review the bylaws, familiarize yourself with the duties of each Chair and offer to serve on a Chair committee. Your help is needed and it’s a fun way to be involved in the Organization.

COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE: TGAGNOI is proud to  give back to the City that give us so very much.  We all make out living from sharing life and history in New Orleans – it is our responsibility to give back to her. The Community Service Committee seeks out opportunities to volunteer in ways that are not only vital to the community but also fun and interesting.  We participate in regular post-Holiday cleanups in City Park (after Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.) and we volunteer with the Lake Pontchartrain Conservancy where we have planted cypress saplings to help restore our swamps and coastlines.  These are only two with more in the future.  Serving on the Committee simply seeks out these opportunities and they would welcome your joining – volunteering for the actual Community Service Projects are open to all TGAGNOI members and we cannot encourage you to join in strongly enough.  This is the best way for us to show that Tour Guides play a much more important role in the preservation of our city and environment.

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