As we have in the past, we will be having a USED BOOK SALE at the 20220 Seminar.  Here's how it works:

Bring your New Orleans related books to the seminar

Donate your books to the booksale

Purchase used books from those who have donated theirs.

We all have books that we bought, swore we'd never part with and now we're ready to move on.  This is a great way to exchange information among our members and guests.  The prices of the books at the Book Sale to be determined - all proceeds benefit TGAGNOI.


Your Nominating Committee has been formed and is ready to begin work.  You may be hearing from:

Chris Fountain

Milton Carr

Deanna DuPont

Kelly Schellang

MANY, MANY THANKS to all of them for stepping to the plate to perform this critical function.

One of the things your current Board has been working toward is getting the membership involved in TGAGNOI rather than simply sitting back as a passive audience.  The perception that the entire responsibility falls on the Board is inaccurate.  We have been forming Committees to assist the Board in making your Organization the best that it can be.

As a Board Member you are able to appoint members to assist you. The Bylaws allow for it and you are encouraged to  take advantage of it.  So, please do not feel that being on the Board is a heavy duty for which you bear the full weight.

You will be receiving an application to serve on the Board and we ask that you give serious consideration to continuing the progress that your current Board has established.

You may also apply electronically: